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Real Estate Maintenance

Complex Package of Services on Maintenance, Management and Development of Real Estate

Purchasing real estate in any other country, each person faces with a lot of problems and issues. What, where, how much is the price, when, why?.. It is possible to find answers on all these questions. How much time will it take you, will your choice be optimal or not, will you overpay or not?.. To find answers on these questions is much more difficult. Our Company’ customers do not ask these questions. They need not search for and make mistakes -everything has been found already and checked by us for long - term years of operation. Simply make use of our help. Because we do not sell real estate - we sell solutions.

…Our customers receive friendly advices free of charge.

Our Company has been dealing with maintenance and management of residential and commercial real estate since1994; we are experienced in the maintenance of tenement houses,office buildings, private residence, in the operation with buildings of historic and architectural value protected by the state. Since2004 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company Dmitrijs Trofimovs is President of the Latvian Proprietors Association and the member of different advisory boards and working groups on residential and real estate matters attached to ministries and local authorities and the Company personnel have a great experience in the engineering,legal, accounting and taxation matters related to real estate management. We are able to offer our customers to make use of the below services:

  • buildings maintenance
  • commercial units and residential buildings management
  • real estate development
  • complex package of services for non-residents of Latvia

Buildings Maintenance

Pursuant o laws and regulations of Latvia, this service provides for performance by the maintaining company of all functions related to the building functioning, maintenance in proper clean order, as well as collection of money from owners of residential premises and lessees and tenants and public utilities payments, other payments and taxes, as well as keeping of accounting.This service may be provided both as a complex package and as separate services upon a customer option.

  • Cleaning of the common-user premises and streets, windows washing;
  • Maintenance due arrangement and greening of the adjacent territory;
  • Waste and snow removal;
  • Maintenance of line network: water supply system, sewer system, heat supply and ventilation systems;
  • Maintenance of electric power supply network and building lighting system
  • Lifts maintenance
  • Twenty-four-hours operating emergency service
  • Calculation of residential rent, public utilities and other payments
  • Keeping of accounting all over the unit
  • Security service.

Management of Commercial Units and Residential Houses

This service provides for a high level of responsibility and implies carrying out of activities related to letting premises and land parcels on hire, rent and lease. Our Company is experienced in the management of commercial real estate and tenement buildings (residential buildings) and in trust management of real estate.

Real Estate Development

In the interests of our customers our Company is ready to offer services related to the development of real estate, both on the secondary and of the primary market.

We provide the following service within the limits of this complex package of services:

  • Development of the conception of real estate disposal
  • Division and transformation (change of the objective of use) of land parcels
  • Settling apart in residential tenement buildings
  • Architectural projects and interior design development
  • Designing and utility works
  • Construction operations and cosmetic repairs
  • Landscape design and arrangement of territory
  • Sales of real estate as the investment project
  • Sales of real estate on the primary market

Complex Package of Service for Non-residents of Latvia

Ritters offers to the customers - management of the purchased real estate including, if the real estate is not used for permanent residence. This complex package of services comprises:

  • Receiving of your correspondence and invoices
  • Arrangement of insurance of real estate and the civil liability of the owner
  • Entering into agreements with organizations being the suppliers of public utilities and other services
  • Arrangement of settlement of accounts, taxes and other regular payments
  • Monitoring of lessees/ tenants, their payments verification
  • Owner’s interests representation in cases of emergency situations (emergency of water supply system, sewer system, heat supply system, break-in (burglary), fire, etc.)

The below services are separately payable services:

  • Owner’s interests representation on the meetings of apartment owners, as well as at the governmental and local authorities - 50 EUR/hour
  • Legal services in the sphere of real estate from 100 EUR/hour
  • Search for lessees and tenants - rent per month (in the event if a contract is valid less than a year - 10% of the total amount of contract)
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